What We Do...

Every Business Owner has a similar but different need.  They are addressing a business problem (or several).  The way that problem presents itself is always unique.  Is the issue cash-flow and collections?  Is it profitability, client-satisfaction, sales, to name a few?

We focus in the professional services space supporting the use of QuickBooks accounting and the ConnectWise business management platform.  Both solutions afford nearly a limitless amount of functionality that can be enormously beneficial if implemented correctly and quite burdensome if implemented incorrectly or if never put into play at all.  Both solutions are very intuitive by nature and provide an excellent platform within which to capture consistent, quality data that presents itself in many different reports and views. Additionally, the source data in ConnectWise can be extracted, warehoused and used to build reports outside of the system.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

But wait!  It does!  ConnectWise and QuickBooks integrate.  The Direct Export publishes excellent Invoice detail into the accounting system which, when paid by the client, bi-directionally will send payment status back.  Additionally, expense reimbursements, inventory and sales tax liability are posted over, as well.

We love how these two systems work together and have the curiosity, enthusiasm and desire to find the best possible solutions for our clients in order to make their extremely busy days as efficient and informative as possible.

What makes us different?


We are Experienced.

Our real-life application of both QuickBooks and ConnectWise in the IT industry has provided the practical experience which we share with our customers to make their day-to-day as fruitful as possible.


We are Collaborative.

The IT staff may not actually realize this, but ConnectWise has a lot to do with Finance.  Shhhhhh Don’t tell them.  Finance and IT should work in a reciprocal fashion in order to implement best practices that net out to an intuitive environment that provides measurable results.


We Love What We Do.

There is something hugely satisfying in creating visually appealing financial reports that present the truest picture.  Being able to provide confidence in the data integrity of these documents for Business Owners who may not have had previous clarity … it’s nearly like “instant gratification”!  We love that!

ConnectWise Advanced Reporting and Alerts 

You have made an excellent decision in selecting ConnectWise to manage your IT workforce.  Now, let’s take it to the next level by utilizing the following services:
  • ConnectWise Advanced Reporting – All the data is in the system yet the current reporting options just do not seem to do the trick. We can help you by creating custom reports that suit your business needs.
  • ConnectWise Management KPIs – Getting a handle on your fixed fee and managed service engagements can be a real challenge. How do you determine the true realized rates for these projects and prevent them from becoming the time entry “dumping grounds”?  We can help you have some meaningful metrics that enable you to get a true sense of what is going on in the business and the ability to automatically flag and drill down into exception scenarios.
  • ConnectWise Advanced Alerts – Ever wish you could automatically be alerted of any condition in the database (i.e. New Project created or Project has been closed or SR set to “bill separately” but PO field is blank)? We can extend the ConnectWise alerting feature to make you aware of items before they become a problem.
  • ConnectWise/Payroll integration – need to send your ConnectWise timesheet data to payroll (i.e. ADP). Talk to us – we can help you take it from thought to execution.  The resulting payroll reports provided should allow you to categorize your payroll costs into the appropriate COGS and Overhead accounts for excellent financial visibility.